Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use


Welcome to Druzza.com Services’ marketplaces. By registering as a buyer and seller on our website (collectively, the “Site”) or using our Site and services, you agree that you have read, understand and accept these Buyer & User Terms and Conditions

Using Druzza.com

You accept Druzza.com "as-is" and choose to use it at your own risk. Despite the prohibitions below Druzza.com may contain inaccurate, inappropriate or possibly offensive material, and we assume no responsibility or liability for such material.

Rules for Buyers and Users

When bidding on or buying an Asset, you agree to these rules:

  • You must register on our Site and provide us an accurate and verifiable mailing and physical address, telephone number, email address and other requested information;
  • You must be a real person, business or legal entity;
  • If you are an individual, you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and able to enter into a legal contract;
  • If you are registering on behalf of a business or legal entity, you must have authority to enter into a legal contract on behalf of that business or legal entity;
  • Each bid is irrevocable. If you bid, you agree to pay that bid price for the Asset;
  • You cannot bid on your own Asset or Listing;
  • You are responsible for reading the full Listing before making a bid;
  • You may not copy, reproduce, reverse engineer, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, or publicly display any content from our Site or our Services;
  • You may not transfer or otherwise provide your username and password to another third party without our consent; provided, however, a username and password for a business entity can be transferred among authorized employees of the same business entity;
  • You may not engage in bribery, which we define as giving or offering anything of value in exchange for any unfair economic advantage, and not receive from any employee of Liquidity Services anything of value in exchange for an unfair economic advantage;
  • You must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the purchase of the Assets and their later transport, use, resale or export; and
  • You are responsible for all bids placed from your account.

Shill Bidding Strictly Prohibited

 To protect the integrity of our Site, we strictly prohibit shill bidding. Shill bidding is the act of bidding on your own Assets, either directly or indirectly, in an effort to artificially raise the price at which your Assets will eventually sell. This includes, but is not limited to, knowingly directing or allowing a third party to perform the artificial bidding against other legitimate bidders in the auction or sales event. Shill bidding is not only a violation of our policy, but shill bidding may also violate the laws of some countries, including the U.S. with respect to certain states, and, therefore, may subject anyone who engages in it to criminal prosecution

Online  Auctions

 For Online Auctions on the Site and except as otherwise expressly provided in a Listing, a “Winning Buyer” must meet the Listing requirements, enter the highest bid online and be approved by the seller and the Services prior to removal of the Assets. By placing a bid on Assets, you represent, warrant and undertake that you have the authority and capacity to enter such bid and close the transaction and that any bid that you make constitutes an irrevocable offer to buy the Assets in question for the full amount of the bid. The Winning Buyer will be legally obligated to complete the transaction with the seller unless the transaction is prohibited by these T&Cs or by law.


Each bidder is solely responsible for checking the Site or taking such other actions as are appropriate to learn of changes to a Listing, including changes to the closing date or time. We will not be responsible for notifying any bidder of a change in any Listing. You bear the sole risk of transmitting bids so that such bids are received prior to close of the Online Auction. For Online Auctions, posted  

Forms of Payment

Unless otherwise specified in a Listing or on a marketplace on our Site, acceptable forms of payment include PayPal®, VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Bank Transfer, Wire .

Your Content

Content that you post using our Services is your content (so let’s refer to it as “Your Content”). We don’t make any claim to it, which includes anything you post using our Services (like shop names, profile pictures, listing photos, listing descriptions, reviews, comments, videos, usernames, etc.).

 You understand that you are solely responsible for Your Content. You represent that you have all necessary rights to Your Content and that you’re not infringing or violating any third party’s rights by posting it.

Your Privacy

We know your personal information is important to you, so it’s important to us. Our Privacy Policy details how your information is used when you use our Services. By using our Services, you're also agreeing that we can process your information in the ways set out in the Privacy Policy, so please read it here.

Both Druzza and sellers process members’ personal information (for example, buyer name, email address, and shipping address) and are therefore considered separate and independent data controllers of buyers’ personal information under EU law. That means that each party is responsible for the personal information it processes in providing the Services. For example, if a seller accidentally discloses a buyer’s name and email address when fulfilling another buyer’s order, the seller, not Druzza, will be responsible for that unauthorized disclosure.  


Termination By You. We'd hate to see you go, but you may terminate your account with Druzza at any time from your account settings. Terminating your account will not affect the availability of some of Your Content that you posted through the Services prior to termination. Oh, and you’ll still have to pay any outstanding bills.



Disputes with Other Users

If you find yourself in a dispute with another user of Druzza’s Services or a third party, we encourage you to contact the other party and try to resolve the dispute amicably.

Buyers and sellers who are unable to resolve a dispute related to a transaction on our websites or mobile apps may participate in our case system. Druzza will attempt to help you resolve disputes in good faith and based solely on our interpretation of our policies, in our sole discretion; we will not make judgments regarding legal issues or claims. Druzza has no obligation to resolve any disputes.

Release of Druzza. You release Druzza from any claims, demands, and damages arising out of disputes with other users or parties.



Druzza.com does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage, however caused (including through negligence) which you may directly or   indirectly suffer in connection with you use of the Site, nor does it accept any responsibility for any such loss arising out of your use of or   reliance on information contained on or accessed through the Site.