Seller verification

Seller verification

*Seller verification*

Why is verification necessary before selling? -- The sole motive of launching 'Druzza' is that: The customer should be able to buy original products from genuine sellers and not from spammers, without any hesitation.  Therefore, we do have to verify all sellers for their own security and also for the convenience of the buyers!. It is highly essential to verify you and your company before you start selling on 'Druzza' . An initial experience of selling is required in order to be eligible to sell on 'Druzza' and to become a verified seller. . (Please check our verification application beside your store's name). It is 100% free 

-- This is how our verification system works:

 1-- Name Verification 

2-- Address Verification

 3--Country verification

 4--Contact Number verification

This procedure is quite simple and all you've got to do is, Fill all your details to the online form and Submit.  Procedure will be done within a couple of seconds!!!

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